A Chicagoland Native, I was born to Mexican parents who immigrated to the US and raised my sister and me in Blue Island, Illinois. As a rambunctious kid, I was calmed and intrigued with the fascinating world of comic books of the Batman, and movies like Back To The Future. My mother would take me and my sister to the library, where for hours I’d get lost in the illustrated Pages by Frank Miller and dream of structures by Van der Rohe. Much of my work is inspired from the unimpeded spirited creativity from my mother, yet designed grounded in reality from my father.

I intended to pursue a ‘safer’ career by following academia, but realized I couldn’t pull myself away from the creativity I was yearning to produce. I attended and graduate with a Major in Industrial design from the University of Illinois, specializing in furniture design. With graduation came the brutal realization of the competitive landscape in our field. So I kept honing my craft pushing myself in creating new pieces until I was called to St. Louis

Embraced by the warmth of our industrious town that we call St. Louis, fueled with a desire to be part of the re-awakening of crafted goods in St. Louis, I believe this town is on the cusp resurgence. The Central West end has been home for me 3 years now, St. Louis called out to me when no one else would. She gave me a chance, and I want to give back the best way I know how. Creating spectacular furnishings, branded, fashioned, and proud to hail from the STL and use my creations as Gateway to open a positive international dialogue.

As a Designer I pride myself in higher standards and values above any retailer, with styles you can’t find anywhere else, created with an uncompromising level of craftsmanship. Those aren’t empty phrases; to me they truly mean something. I have the privilege of designing the environment of people and creating a positive change that will echo for a very long time. From influences of Sailor Jerry to Frank Lloyd Wright, the work speaks for itself, and I’d like the chance to contribute to a positive twist to your living space.

Using my boundless inspiration, technical proficiency, clear communication, creative ideation conceptualization, engineering background and strong work ethic, I believe I can create a positive impact in contributing success to my clients, patrons and community.